Hi, I’m Stephen Francoeur, the author of Digital Reference. This blog focuses on news and insights into all aspects of reference services. Although the blog is titled Digital Reference, and many of the posts are about online or virtual reference services, other forms of reference are also discussed here (face-to-face reference at the desk or roving, research consultations, telephone reference, etc.)


2003: Blog launched on Blogspot (site now deleted)

2004: Posts from Blogspot republished on self-hosted site at teachinglibrarian.org using Blogger.

2010: In late April, I ported over all the posts from the old domain, teachinglibrarian.org, to stephenfrancoeur.com and started using WordPress.

Stephen Francoeur

I am an information services librarian at the Newman Library at Baruch College (New York, NY). In 2001, I helped launch the chat reference service at Baruch College. Since then, I have been the administrator for this service. I serve on the 24/7 Reference Advisory Board, a body that helps govern the cooperative chat service from QuestionPoint.


All posts on Digital Reference are written by me, Stephen Francoeur, and represent my personal views, not the views of my employer.

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