More on BEAM Model for Sources

I was honored to be asked back this week to the Adventures in Library Instruction podcast along with other guests from previous episodes. I learned about a number of interesting projects and ideas from the other guests. Chad Mairn makes use of PollEverywhere in his classes and workshops and finds it valuable for getting instant feedback from his students. He’s also got an interesting “Database Troubleshooting Guide” that helps walk patrons through issues they may be having when accessing library databases. Peter Larsen spoke about using Google Docs for his library’s credit course.

Chad and Peter had to leave after a half hour of recording, which left me to ramble on at the halfway mark with the show hosts about why I find Joseph Bizup’s model for teaching source types to students so powerful, a topic I recently blogged about here.

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  1. Thanks for the link to Bizup’s article– I agree that this is a remarkable framework to teach research with, one I plan to start using immediately. I teach thesis and grad students in the social sciences, energy and resources conservation, and interdisciplinary studies, and the BEAM framework will work for all of them.

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