Sharing My Google Reader Finds via Tumblr

If you would like to see what blog posts I found interesting in my Google Reader account (which features 839 feeds), there’s now a new place to find them: an old Tumblr blog that I haven’t done much with over the years: Stephen Francoeur’s Commonplace Book.

If you’re subscribed to me on FriendFeed, you’ll see that my Tumblr site is now connected and will automatically feed in new posts. Unfortunately, the posts on FriendFeed only offer the post title; the pull quote doesn’t appear as the first comment under that post anymore (the beauty of my old sharing system of Google Reader–>FriendFeed was that my “note” would also get published on FriendFeed this way). If you want to see my posts and my annotations you’ll need to subscribe to the RSS feed in a feed reader or clickthrough to the Tumblr post.

For the moment, the Shared Items on Google Reader link blog that I had been building up for years in the old Google Reader interface is still accessible, albeit frozen in time.

For anyone still reading, I’ll mention here the least interesting part of this post. After trying out Delicious, Pinboard, and Evernote as possible candidates for a replacement for the Shared Items on Google Reader link blog I was no longer able to use, I decided to use Tumblr because it’s a “share to” option in both Google Reader and Feedly that gives me an RSS feed that I can do lots of other things with. I’m next going to look into sending every Tumblr entry to my Delicious and Evernote accounts (probably via the IFTTT service, which lets you do these kinds of connections easily).

Android App Review: Google Reader

Before installing the official Google Reader app, I tried using the mobile browser interface for Google Reader (too cramped) and the My6Sense app (not as easy to use). I’m a hardcore user of Google Reader on the web (I’ve got nearly 900 feeds plugged in) and love to share some the gems that I find every day, so having the ability to chip away at that unread items list on my phone throughout the day is great. The sharing options are pretty much the same as on the web version (share and share with note). The send options are good too; I can pass along an item to Evernote (more on that app in a later post), Instafetch (more on that Instapaper knockoff app in a later post), Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

My Favorite Bookmarklets (the Sequel)

I regularly use bookmarklets to speed up everyday tasks, such as:

  • adding a blog to my Google Reader account
  • bookmarking a page in delicious
  • rendering a page more simply so I can focus on the text and not all the sidebars, banners, etc.
  • saving a blog post in a “to be read later” location
Over the years, I added lots of these little bookmarklets to the bookmarks toolbar and saw my toolbar get more and more busy. Recently, I discovered a tool that will take all my bookmarklets and combine them into one single button on my toolbar. When I click that super bookmarklet, I get a tiny window that allows me to select which bookmarklet I want to use.

The tool I used for this is called Bookmarklet Combiner. You can build your own on the site (the developer’s blog offers instructions) or you might just want to use mine (the site can save your bookmarklet and assign it a unique URL).

Here are the bookmarklets that are in my instance of the Bookmarklet Combiner:
  • Subscribe (uses the official bookmarklet from Google Reader that lets you subscribe to a feed without having to leave the page with that feed; this bookmarklet is found in Google Reader >> Settings >> Goodies)
  • Readability (uses the Readability bookmarklet to clean up web pages and make the main body of text much easier to read)
  • Read Later (uses the Instapaper bookmarklet to save the page to my Instapaper account)
  • Printliminator (uses the Printliminator bookmarklet to re-render the page you are viewing and let you select elements you want to remove before you print)
  • MarkUp (uses the bookmarklet to let you annotate web pages and share them with others)
  • (uses the bookmarklet to generate shortened URLs for whatever page you are on)