Backup Livescribe Data in Dropbox

I’ve loved my Livescribe pen since I got it a few summers ago. It’s awesome to be able to take notes in the freest possible way–with a pen and paper–and know that regardless of which notebook I am using, all my notes will be aggregated in one, searchable, digitized place (the Livescribe desktop software). Until this week, though, I only had that searchable digitized place available on one computer (my work computer).

Thanks to this blog post by Rohan Kapoor, I’ve learned how to store the Livescribe files in Dropbox and thus make them available on any computer where I’ve installed the Livescribe desktop software. The process wasn’t as simple as just moving the files from the location on my hard drive to a folder in Dropbox. Instead, I had to install a program called Junction and create virtual pointers that said to the Livescribe software, “Hey, that archive of Livescribe files isn’t really here; it’s over there in Dropbox.” Setting it up involved typing in commands in the C prompt, something that took me back to good old DOS days.

I see that Livescribe now offers a new pen that automatically transmits via wifi all your notes to your Evernote account, thereby achieving the same kind of automated cloud storage of notes that I did. If you’ve got an older pen like mine, you may want to look into the Livescribe/Dropbox set up I did.