Figuring Out Ebook Downloads in Ebrary

I’m slowly trying to learn all the possible ways that you can download ebooks from ebrary. As I’ve been documenting steps for various devices, I’ve been building a mind map so that I’ll have an interactive way to present options (this may be more useful to library staff in public services positions than library users). The attached PDF is a work in progress. I’m putting it up here just so I can think out loud. When it is closer to done, I’ll try publishing it as a flash file, which is a nice “save as” option that the MindManager offers when you’re working on mind maps.

Download this file


One thought on “Figuring Out Ebook Downloads in Ebrary

  1. Looks like my gimcrack interactive PDF borked the PDF player that Posterous uses. Click the “download” link below the borked player to get the PDF directly.

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