Android App Review: Google Reader

Before installing the official Google Reader app, I tried using the mobile browser interface for Google Reader (too cramped) and the My6Sense app (not as easy to use). I’m a hardcore user of Google Reader on the web (I’ve got nearly 900 feeds plugged in) and love to share some the gems that I find every day, so having the ability to chip away at that unread items list on my phone throughout the day is great. The sharing options are pretty much the same as on the web version (share and share with note). The send options are good too; I can pass along an item to Evernote (more on that app in a later post), Instafetch (more on that Instapaper knockoff app in a later post), Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

Android App Review: Advanced Task Killer

I’m often amazed at how many apps are running in the background on my phone, sucking away precious memory. An easy way to see what’s running and selectively kill programs running in stealth mode is Advanced Task Killer. It also gives you quick access to any notifications (new email, new text, completion of any downloads or uploads, etc).