Messy Paperback Conversion for Henry Jenkins’ Convergence Culture

<rant>As someone who used to work in book publishing and who has a wife who still does, I’m pretty sympathetic to the challenges of getting a book into print without typos. That being said, I’m pretty let down by the job NYU Press did in converting the hardcover edition of Henry Jenkins’ Convergence Culture into paperback. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading the 3rd printing of the paperback and have been annoyed by the haphazard way the text was reflowed from the layout in the hardcover edition to the layout for the paperback. At least a dozen times in the past 100 pages, I’ve seen hyphenated words that were probably at the end of the line in the hardcover now in the middle of a line. Today, I read a block quote (on page 119) that seemed to be missing at least the final line.</rant>

<praise>Despite the annoyances of the physical text, I am enjoying the book and am finding much that I might be able to use in my credit course this fall.</praise>